Tuesday, 31 May 2016

In her sleep, she was immersed in a world of her fantasy
Where she could fly high and feel the cloud kissing her
Or dive into the deep ocean to show her invincible strength to the sharks
Alas! her world of thoughts were annihilated by a maddening noise
Perplexed and alarmed,she was, as the noise ascended
For it was dark and the world was sleeping
The groaning voice yelled at her to open the door
She was terrified and scared to death
Her senses were seized,witnessing the villainous guffaw
The girl however gathered courage and ran to the woods
The cruel malignant eyes, following her fiercely
The wood was dark, deep and deceiving
Air,hard to breathe, as adulterated with his odour
The beast with his impure heart took hold of her
Her screams, shouts and loud cries were absorbed in the vicious darkness
She was crying when she opened her eyes
But the beast was gone along with the nightmare.